The Vintage Traveling Nurse Podcast is a space created with YOU in mind! You will find content discussed here that will include all things nursing- student nurses, new nurses, travel nurses. If it’s about nursing- you’ll find it here! Stay tuned for bonus content and guest appearances.

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It’s Launch Day!

It’s official! We have officially launched a podcast. The podcast will be an extension of the blog. When you know better you do better right? Join the conversation!

Life is a Marathon

This episode, I dive into my experience as a marathon finisher and how I compare my nursing journey with the race. The marathon was an incredible experience and as I sit back and reflect on this past weekend- I have no choice but to think about how it very much relates to how I approach my life. ⁣ ⁣

Starting Life As a Travel Nurse

Ever thought about merging the concept of traveling and working as a nurse? This episode, I dive into the details on how I am navigating the work space as a travel nurse. I also get into some key points you should consider if you’re thinking about making the leap as a traveler.