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Declutter Your Life

How to effectively declutter for a better year in 2020

Facing your fears

I faced some of my deepest fears this year. No one could have done this for me. Only I held the power to look at myself in the mirror and decide to get out of my own way. You ever sit back and think. And realize one of the hurdles that you’re facing is doubt that lives within your mind?

Want to travel but can’t find anyone to go with? Plan a solo trip.
Want to start a business but your scared no one will believe in your idea? Focus on creating quality content that will speak for its self. And you will succeed- learning valuable lessons in the process.

Want a relationship but haven’t found the “right” one? Live a complete and full life as a single man or woman. With solid people in your life. Manifesting that you will one day have a life partner- removing the limiting beliefs that there’s no one out there for you. Our biggest fear very often stifles our growth. And stops us from unlocking our God-given potential.


I adopted a minimalistic lifestyle this year. And what began as a simple decision to get rid of baggage physically, catapulted me to adopt this concept mentally and emotionally.  I was traveling from Southern California- heading to my 4th travel nursing assignment in the bay area.  I was packing up my apartment and got so overwhelmed with all of the stuff I had accumulated!

The day that converted me to a minimalist 🙂

So we’re entering into a new decade tomorrow. A. New. Decade!! Like where did the time go?? With that being said, I am dropping 5 things to do to declutter and have a fire new year in 2020! Check it out below!!

  • Do declutter your mind by writing things down

The new year brings about vision boards- a time of reflection.  Plans to do better than you did the previous year. But how are you tracking your progress?  According to the U.S. News & World Report, there is an 80% failure rate for New Year’s Resolutions. 80%?!  Like anything else, out of sight out of mind.  If we’re not constantly reminding ourselves of our plans. Pushing ourselves to do what we’ve set out to do- you’ll forget it.  But taking 5 minutes to write down or journal your vision– coming up with an action plan to accomplish your goals will completely turn your life around. 

  • Do declutter your body by prioritizing your health

We’re leaving behind the habit of neglecting of our health in 2019.  Working in the hospital, I talk to soooooo many people that end up in the hospital because they “didn’t have time” to take care of themselves. But if you‘re not taking care of you, then who is? We can no longer afford not to take care of ourselves. Start small. Go for a 30 minute walk 3 days a week. Increase your water intake. Take one day a week for self care.

Self care is not selfish. It is a necessary act of self love that not only help you but benefit the people connected to you.

  • Do declutter your living space by getting rid of the extra things that no longer serve you

Do you know how good it feels when you don’t have a whole bunch of extra stuff sitting around your house?  Clothes that you haven’t worn in 20 years. Just stuff taking up space.  You don’t have to become an extremist to take advantage of a minimalistic lifestyle. But I’m telling you, a good purge at least once a year will make you feel like you got your whole life together.  Take those items and either donate it to a Good Will or Salvation Army OR give it to someone you know.  It’s a win/win either way.

  • Do declutter your time by cutting down on your screen time

So have you ever felt like you just don’t have enough time? Like no matter what you do, it feels like you have less and less time with every passing day?  You keep hearing that “we all have the same 24 hours in a day as *insert some famous person’s name here*).  There are two things that I have done to ensure that I am making more use of my time. 1) I set a timer through my settings to make sure I wasn’t unintentionally wasting time with mindless scrolling and 2) I unplug for what ever amount of time I feel is needed.  Sometimes, watching other people’s highlight reels admittedly can be overwhelming.  So don’t hesitate to take a healthy social media break to give your mind some well-needed rest when you need to.

I adopted block scheduling to maximize my productivity. Check out this video here that helped change how I make better use of my time! I promise it’s soooo worth the watch. You can download my personal template that I use if you need an example of how to start.

  • Do declutter your life by letting go of people that are mentally draining you

Now this is a hard one. Or at least it was for me. But you know exactly what I mean. There are those people in your life that sometimes, you literally feel drained after your interaction with them.  They’re not bad people. But perhaps your season with them has come to an end. And that’s ok.  Now I am not promoting for you to cut people out left and right just for the heck of it. I am talking about minimizing your interaction with those toxic relationships that is causing you to go back rather then go forward. Carefully assess who you’re allowing into your space. And act accordingly. 

Having my mother and my grandmother as pillars keep me grounded

What are some ways you plan to DECLUTTER in 2020. I’d love to hear them in the comments section below!

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