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Breaking Down the Role of an Administrative Assistant

Discussing the back story of becoming a leader and CEO with Kortnie Harris

Kortnie currently works as an administrative assistant while balancing her role as
CEO of her company


Now, more than ever, we have access to the tools to become business owners. You can literally manage the accounting, marketing, and content from a handheld device. It seems so simple, right?  However, it is said that 90% of start ups fail. Which, means only 1/10 of businesses go on to become actual thriving entities.  It is safe to assume then that more access to resources does not necessarily mean that holding that coveted title, Chief Executive Officer will be an easy feat. 

Kortnie Harris, the CEO of Harmonious Home Health Agency, knows exactly what it takes, as she has been able to start her agency from scratch.  Holding a supervisor position during her collegiate years at the University of Florida, she’s no stranger to the leadership world.  She continues to thrive, currently serving as an Executive Director of a nursing home. 

Entrepreneurship does not happen out of happenstance.  It takes a series of intentional steps and grit to create a company but it’s attainable. As healthcare professionals, there are so many avenues available to us to monetize our craft.  Remain open to the possibility of business ownership!

Do your research

The journey began for Kortnie after completing an Administrator In Training (AIT) program in Denver, Colorado.  A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator testing requirements vary by state—some requiring both, a federal and state exam, while others only require the completion of a federal exam.  Programs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, though, having a master’s degree is preferred. 

All 50 states require licensure, but it’s definitely worthit! Salary varies depending on experience, location, and the company. Themedian income for administrators is currently close to $90,000, annually.  She oversees the entire operation, ensuringthat the needs of both the patients and employees are met. 

The price it takes to become a #boss

The weightiness of an entire company relying on you to runthings efficiently alone can be intimidating. Reports, budgets, meetings, initiatives—all of it becomes yourresponsibility.  So how do you maintain ahealthy balance of running the show without making people feel like they’redisposable?

“I care about my job—it’s not just about a paycheck and the employees know that.”

It is understood that people don’t leave jobs— they leave toxic environments. So, approaching the employees in a non-punitive way has allowed her to win their loyalty and respect.  Her work experience have all culminated to lead her to this point, to create and launch a business while fulfilling her work obligations.  Attributing her out-of-this-world work ethic to watching the consistency of her mother has enabled her to accomplish so much.

Trust the process

With our growing aging population, home healthcare is a multi-billion-dollar agency.  It allows people to stay home longer—and honestly, who wouldn’t want that?  Having the experience as a nursing home executive, familiarized her with the regulations, policies, and procedures needed to start.  Having that upper hand removed the necessity of needing a consultant. 

So what does it take to start? Each state has their own set of licensing requirements.  Harmonious Home Health is both licensed and accredited, which allows them to see patients with medical needs.

“Everything that I’ve been through contributes to where I am. I definitely feel the plan for my life was mapped out before I knew about it.”

Sure, there was time spent creating a budget, looking up insurance policies, and all of the technical components needed to start. But all of her prior experiences culminated together to get her to the point of completion.

Celebrating her grandmother’s
90th birthday this past year

Answering the call

Purpose.  We all have one.  It’s that thing that drives our daily actions. Our why.  As both an executive and entrepreneur, she allows people to maintain their dignity.  The continuum of care is perpetuated when people are able to go home and still receive the care that they need. Perhaps having a grandmother that created a life in America after leaving Haiti began this journey. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant while creating a life for her family in the “land of opportunity.” Talk about creating and leaving a legacy. Harmonious Home Health is only the beginning for Kortnie and we’re excited to watch it unfold.

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  1. Congratulations! This is just the beginning 💙

  2. I’ve shared, subscribed, and aim to follow this journey. I’m so excited about the success of this organization not just because CEO Kortnie Harris is a woman or a minority but because she is passionate about others administratively. I’m a firm believer that Your gift will make room for you and she is living proof of the manifestation of success upon her deployment of passion, persistence, perseverance, and strategic positioning. The best is yet to come, and I’m here cheering every step of the way!

    -Ms. Hathcock

  3. So excited for her!!

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