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Balancing Work and Family

Careers, side-hustling, and fatherhood talk with investment expert Akeem Williams

Akeem Williams, CEO and founder of
AJ Mobile Money

Time—the most valuable yet, least utilized tool that we possess. The pressure to get it all done in such little time—the woes of adulting.  But what happens when your time no longer belongs to you alone? Akeem Williams, CEO and founder of AJ Mobile Money poses two questions when determining how he’s going to allocate his time on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Am I being productive, or just active?
  2. Am I inventing things to do in order to avoid the important things I need to do?

Life changes when you’re left with the responsibility to raise the next generation.  Time becomes even more valuable than before. The sense of urgency to accomplish set goals increase.  Those goals that you put off for years, are brought to the forefront. You know that life is no longer just about you.

The roadmap to success isn’t the same for everyone. There is no special formula that will instantaneously give you the revelation of your purpose. Childhood events occur that affect you forever. As you mature, you begin to put the puzzle pieces together from your childhood, both good and bad—use them as a roadmap. 

Aside from establishing his online platform, AJ Mobile Money, Akeem continues in the realm of entrepreneurship. He attributes his keen sense of ability to progress in this sector a skill that began as a child.  Finding clever ways to create extra revenue, he sold candy and played cards—the beginning of his ability to navigate the world of finance and business.

“I just didn’t like people telling me “no.”’  So, if you told me “no” I am not going to ask you again. I’m just going to figure out a way to do it myself.”

When faced with negative circumstances in your life, you can either use it as fuel to propel your life forward, or it can become what you perceive to be a disadvantage.  Understanding that his family was limited in their finances developed his creative ability of side hustling that he utilizes today.  Not allowing past circumstances to become the detriment of his life has been key in staying focused for his son.  Becoming a father continues to be a key factor in driving his desire to become financially independent.

“Whenever you’re working for someone else, you don’t have complete control over your income.”

What does achieving balance look like for a father in 2019?

  1. Intentionality with time
  2. Not letting everyone else’s wants and needs encroach on your time
  3. Valuing time as you would money

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  1. I like how there is a representation of both males and females. Do you think you’ll interview “regular Joe Schmoes” i.e. a CNA or farm worker or sales associate at the mall… or even a high school teen stepping into the next chapter of life? Also do not post this comment lol

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