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What is Holistic Medicine?

Understanding the nuances of holistic health and wellness with Dr. Jean Williamceau

Jean R. Williamceau, ND, LAc, MBA, MSAOM, LMP, CKTP striking a pose for the camera

It’s An Epidemic

According to the Department of Health and Human Services(HHS), the US is currently undergoing an Opioid epidemic. They are not allillegal, as they are commonly used within the healthcare system to lessen painin the body. As a matter of fact, it is naturally found in the opium poppyplant, which has been around forever.  In 2017, the HHS declared a state ofemergency, and developed a plan to fix what seems to be a large issue in theUS.

So, how does this affect healthcare professionals?  Patients that come into the hospital are often prescribed pain medications legally, whether it be due to trauma or chronic issues. Nurses dispense those medications regularly.  It’s the responsibility of the nurse to safely administer those drugs to the patients.  If not, it is very likely that those same medications used to help the patient can become harmful.

As people are finding alternate methods to help with their pain,providers that take a more holistic approach to medicine are being sought out.Holistic medicine, which at this point was becoming a lost art, is a practicethat tends to lessen the utilization of pharmaceuticals.

Back 2 the Basics

Dr. Jean Williamceau, a practicing Naturopathic MedicalDoctor, currently, has his own practice. He works with a Chiropractor to bringalternative routes to treating and caring for the human body, other thanmedicine.  A conversation with his mentordrove him to do further research into this area following his acceptance to an osteopathicmedicine school. After placing his admission on hold to the OsteopathicMedicine (DO) program, he moved to Seattle with his family to pursue his desireto become a physician.

Doing work on the beautiful island of Haiti

What started out as a journey to become a doctor, led him toobtaining an MBA in Health Administration, a Master of Acupuncture and OrientalMedicine, along with the licensure to practice. Dr. Williamceau is also aLicensed Massage Practitioner and a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. Thislist of credentials, only attests to the fact that you just never know wherelife will lead you when you fully apply yourself.

Doing Things the Natural Way

Having been born on the small, beautiful island of Haiti, Dr. Williamceau can recall his grandmother going to the backyard for herbs tocreate concoctions of home remedies. My 98-year grandmother, till this day, has her daily tea that comprises of plants from our yard.There’s no doubt his upbringing in Haiti, birthed a desire to take a morenatural approach to healthcare.

But is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor a real physician? Absolutely. He describes how he too, had to meet the requirements to practice.  His training consisted of learning thepharmacological properties of traditional medicines used in the hospital, inaddition to, learning the properties of herbs. “People think just because something is natural, it can’t hurt you andthat’s not true.”  Herbs can be abusedtoo!

There are several instances when healthcare professionals and students choose to do philanthropic work in other countries. Compassion can’t be taught but is something that lies within one’s heart.

Looking Through A Holistic Lens

Trendy cafes and stores promote natural and organic foodand supplements.  With the intent tobecome healthier, people are adapting to this way of living.  As the founder and owner of his own practice,the future is bright for Dr. Williamceau. He describes the challenge of notbeing able to accept insurance, due to the nature of his practice.  This hurdle does not prevent one from beingable to utilize his services, as he often provides what he calls a “super bill”which can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.

What You Consume Matters

We are what we put into our body.  There is no doubt that there are benefits toutilizing medications, but it is comforting to know that we have options!Naturopathic medicine does not mean you’re anti-medicine. Maybe you want totake a more preventative approach to your health, and that’s totally fine! 

What does that mean for nurses at the bedside? Asking patients more in-depth questions when doing your assessments.  People don’t always report herbs because they don’t consider it to be medicine, though it has the same medicinal properties as some drugs. Collaborating with other professionals that are more keen in this area is key!

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