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Jasper Faith Williams

I Choose Nursing Because…

What is the allure of working 12 long hours a day in a field where at times, taking a break only seems like an afterthought? Nursing is not for the faint of heart, but it has the potential to provide you with a career in which you can truly make a difference.  You work hard but when you go home, you know that you changed a few lives. Your superpower?  You are at the frontline, caring for people in some of the most vulnerable times of their lives. In just a short few moments, both, that patient and potentially their loved ones trust you with their life—no pressure or anything. 

Nursing goes beyond your basic job description.  It takes a special person to care for others the way that nurses do.  No day is ever the same and it gets real. Compassion, care, and just a genuine love for people, can’t be taught. It truly has to come from the heart.

Quick photo op before going into work… the grind continues!

Figuring It All Out

Jasper Williams, a student nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant shares her journey to nursinghood, as she carefully balances life. A devotion to her family, friends, involvement in her church, and becoming the CEO, and owner of her modest apparel business, Fashionize You—she is taking life by the reigns.

Having been a nursing student before, Jasper knew that nursing school wasn’t out of the question when she decided to move forward with her pursuit.  Your setback does not have to be the end to your story. 

Now slated to graduate in 2021, her journey continues.  When asked how she balances it all? “Know when to say no.” Prioritization is absolutely key.  Time management is everything.  Have a plan for your time otherwise, others will find a way to spend your time for you. 


The road to success isn’t easy. Turn your Ls to Wins and Fail up.  Surround yourself with the support of people who pushes you to reach your full potential. People who are not afraid to tell you when to level up.

“I’m not going to put myself in a position to lose” she says casually when asked what drives her to keep pushing.  Seems simple, right? Yet, it happens every day. Everyone wants to win, but are you willing to put in the work that it takes to get there? 

Taking the “Easy” Way Out

Jasper talks about temporarily opting out of nursing and choosing an “easier” major in the beginning stages of her collegiate experience.  Taking the path of least resistance is not uncommon. We’ve all been there before. But after a professor pulled her to the side, and noticed her obvious calling to be a nurse, she decided to return to plan A, and continued the route to become a nursing school.

It’s okay to change your mind if you realize a decision you may have made in the past is simply not for you. However, don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to live life to your greatest potential because of doubt that you have in your abilities to make it. 

Keeping the Main Thing—The Main Thing

God, family, school—in that order. She unapologetically lives her life, placing God at the forefront.  Having been raised in the church her entire life, she attributes her ability to thrive to her devotion and her relationship with God. Remaining self-aware, she stresses the importance of knowing “where my help comes from.”  Yes, you can have both. You can absolutely thrive as a Christian, and obtain success in your career, if that’s what you choose to do.

It really does boil down to understanding what you’re choosing to make time for.  Creating a plan for yourself. Make a list of your priorities, listing the most important items at the top.  Showing yourself mercy when you need to make a change, but not allowing that change to be your demise.  No one has it all figured out!

Yes, You Can

Sacrifices are made to achieve your goals. Don’t lose yourself, and the people that are important to you on your quest to obtain success. Stay focused. Remain grounded. Remember your why. Don’t do yourself a disservice by comparing your life to anyone else’s.

This segment of Parler: Table Topics was brought to you by contributions from Jasper Williams. You can contact her through the following platforms:

IG: @fashionize_me

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    Thank you for sharing your journey!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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